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Jason Goessl's inspiration for LEGEND OF SKELL comes from many trips to Nothern CA. over the last decade. Below are a couple tracks and a brief story about the Mythology around Mount Shasta and Crater Lake.

Band members:
Jason Goessl Guitar
Brian Barnesky Guitar
Joel Stanner Guitar
Kevin Millard Bass
Robb Davidson Drums

"The highly worshipped and respected spirits of the Earth and sky often came and spoke with the Klamath people. Llao was the spirit of the Below-World who lived beneath Lao-Yaina (today known as Mount Mazama which is topped by crater lake) and Skell was the spirit of the Above-World.
Llao would pass through a hole in the mountain so that he could see the outside world (this was before the great lake was born) and he would often stand on top of Lao-Yaina where his head could reach up and touch the stars
One day while he was standing atop Lao-Yaina, Llao saw Loha, daughter of the Klamath Indian chief, and fell madly in love with her. Her beauty was beyond compare, yet he was very ugly so she rejected him. This angered Llao and so he swore revenge on the Klamath people for her slight against him.
The great Klamath indian chief went to Skell in search of help for his people, for Llao was attempting to destroy them by setting fire to the land. So Skell descended from the sky and perched atop Mount Shasta to do battle with Llao. This battle caused the Earth to tremble and quake as they hurled firey red rocks at each other over the great expanse between Mazama and Shasta causing massive landslides.
The sky filled with ash and a terrible darkness spread over the countryside, blocking out the sun for days.
Llao and Skell called all of the spirits of the Earth into the battle which caused great fear among the people of the tribe. To placate the gods and to pay for the sins of Loha, two medicine men from the tribe threw themselves into the pit of the Below-World.
Their sacrifice impressed Skell so much that he fought with renewed vigor and defeated Llao, driving him deep down into the Below-World where Skell then imprisoned him beneath the top of Mount Mazama by collapsing the mountain and covering up the deep, dark pit with beautiful blue water. This crater lake would forever reflect the wonder of the sky above.
This brought peace to the land and created a sea of tranquility."