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Goessl Bush Duo

Jason Goessl is musical chameleon who graces the stages of Seattle’s music venues nightly. Although primarily known for his enigmatic guitarmanship in groups such Prom Queen, Trimtab and the Bayous, Jason is heralded in jazz circles as well, frequently performing with the Michel Navedo, Jimmie Herod, Brazil Novo, Mark Taylor’s Zero Goose and his own celebrated quartet. Most recently, Jason has become noted for his skills as an alt-country sideman and can be seen gigging local honkey tonks and juke joints with Jessica Lynn, Sunday Evening Whiskey Club, Knut Bell and The Pornadoes.

Seattle drummer Dave Bush (Golden Tree Story, Dirty Culprits, Volcano Diary) joins Goessl in a mind bending duo setting. The two wrangle Mingus, Monk, and Ellington through a myriad of musical stylings. Expect anything and everything from Rock, Jazz, and Latin beats to Bluegrass, Country, and Surf music.