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midnorth is Brian Erickson and Jason Goessl. The two share a penchant for melodic stories, studying horizons and tipping glasses of whiskey. After half a lifetime they are embarking on a new cross-country collaboration. A weeklong road trip in late, late Fall of 2012 proved that roads frequently reveal places that aren’t on the map - oh what stories, oh what times.

The first midnorth songs were written between those stints on the road and at Erickson’s home in Minneapolis, MN. Goessl then boarded a plane back to Seattle, WA. It was clear before his plane hit the northwestern tarmac that continued exploration and musical collaboration was the only natural thing to do.

In the last six months those first few songs further realized their potential through collaborations with Colin Nelson, Brian Oppel and Geoff Harper.

More songs are already forming and going forward Erickson and Goessl will be joined by the talented Robb Davidson.