It Takes a Village

Dearest Community,

As my 3rd national tour with Sundae + Mr. Goessl comes to a close, I am trying my best to rally the troops in support of my band, my business and my life's dream!

In the next year, Jason Goessl (my new husband!) and I have a business plan that includes international touring, a new album, an upgrade on merchandise and national distribution of our music. All of this costs money...

A lot of money...

As independent artists, we are working our tails off and playing as much as we can! But, Sundae + Goessl is fairly new to the industry...and that's where an investment from you comes in. I know that investing in someone else's dream is not always affordable...SO, I've created a list below of ways you can help us achieve our goals in this new year for all types of budgets:

Free and easy things to do:

1."Like" and follow us on social media:

2. Share our music with friends, family and community!

Next level action:

1. Come to a show! Full list of all of our shows at
2. Buy a CD for yourself or a friend!

Big League Action:

1. *Donate to our Go Fund Me project online at: *Any donation amount gets you a digital copy of the brand new album BEFORE it's even released!

2. Suggest our band for house concerts, club shows, parties, weddings and entertainment.

3. Nominate us for a local jazz award. (This is free for you and helps us establish more cred!)
You can nominate us for the 2015 Golden Ear Awards in these catergories:

NW Vocalist of the Year: Kate Voss
Alternative Jazz Group of the Year: Sundae + Mr. Goessl
NW Jazz Instrumentalist of the Year: Jason Goessl

Send nominations to

Thank you for being a part of my life and for taking the time to read this message. I appreciate your support on all levels (even simply reading this far down!). I am truly grateful for my life and excited for what is in store for me in this next chapter.

Happy Holidays!

Mrs. Kate "Sundae" Voss Goessl


Published: Dec. 7, 2015
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The Next BIG Step for Sundae + Mr. Goessl

Traveling the country with your new spouse doing the thing you love most: playing music. The romance, the passion, the adventure! The bills, the contracts, the legwork. Being in business for ourselves has proved both rewarding and challenging. Overall, we are pleased as punch with the work we've created and connections we've made in the music industry and we are very excited to be taking the next big step in our careers. Below, we've mapped out how we've gotten to where we are now and how every bit of support from you means something. Whether it's a place to stay while we tour or an affirming note on our facebook page or a donation to our efforst. We definitely feel the love.

Our first date was Oct. 31st, 2013 and since then we have been inseparable. We had been playing music together for about 8 months by then. Honing in our sound and arranging tunes by the dozens. When the idea of "Sundae + Mr. Goessl" was born, we were both excited and scared...on the cusp of a new relationship AND a new music project. We were dazzled, enticed and bewitched by one another and what could come of this venture together. It's been 2 years now and we have gone from dating to married and from rehearing once a week to 3 national tours and 3 albums. It's safe to say we have made the right choices.

However, even though our big picture looks bright, that doesn't mean every pixel has been in the right place. And I hate to say it, but our biggest setback is funding.

For our first album, Cheek to Cheek, we did a Kickstarter campaign. It was successfully funded and then some! We were over the moon with excitement and our hearts swelled with love for all the support that our friends, family and even strangers gave us. Our album release was a sold out show at The Royal Room with appearances from big Seattle stars such as Jasper McCann, Henry, Prom Queen, Andy Miller, Trojan Original/Jenny Penny and more! We were once again bewitched and dazzled by how much we were supported. Cheek to Cheek was self released...and that means that no record label supported us. No one supplied funding to get it out to radio stations. We did all the legwork. And while we had a small amount of success getting a few people to review the album, we were unable to get it on any local radio stations and had a hard time getting through to many bookers/promoters/clubs. When you are self released, that means the only one who is vouching for you is you. And it's a tough game when you're constantly talking yourself up and rarely met with an open ear.

We quickly realized we needed an ally. A strong force in the music world that would vouch for us. That could support us and help us get to the next level in this crazy world we call the music industry. So, we started reaching out. Rik Wright, a tremendous composer and guitarist, was someone we reached out to. Rik Wright's Fundamental Forces "Red" was number 1 on the CMJ charts this past January and he gave us a good lesson in promotion. We learned that radio stations generally do not listen to (or play) unsolicited albums that are sent their way. And what we really needed was a PR person. Someone we could work with that was reputable....And about $5000.

We are in the middle of making our 3rd album (Makes My Heart Sway). We have done all the fun music parts (recording, mixing, mastering) and we have found ourselves faced again with a self release (which does have it's advantages--all creative license and royalties belong to us). But we are choosing to go with the trajectory we have been on the last two years--UP! That is why we have decided to sign on with a promotions company to help us get to that next step in the industry. Our Go Fund Me campaign "Makes My Heart Sway" is up and running and we have decided that anyone who donates ANY amount will receive a copy of the album. This way, it's like pre-paying for the album and if you have a little extra to give, we will put it to good use. We are still dazzled and bewitched by our Sundae + Mr. Goessl project and we hope you are too. Stay tuned. We're going to be around for a while.

Go Fund Me Click HERE


Published: Nov. 1, 2015
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