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Jason Goessl

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Harper Dance
Bill's Waltz
Jazz Camp
Big Chart
Don't Crack Jack

    It is the end of the day. The lights are dimmed in a basement bar where you’ve taken up residence at a low top, candle-lit table; or maybe you’re stretched out across a sofa basking in the last remnants of sunlight streaming through the living room curtains. There might be a drink in your hand; there’s definitely a smile across your face as the music floods the room coming from either the stage or the high-fi console stereo.

    The Jason Goessl Quartet is throwing it down. They’re throwing it back; breathing new life into the innovative bop-stylings of the retro jazz era. Drawing from the works of Tal Farrow, Herb Ellis, and Les Paul the group features nearly all original compositions by Goessl. Each composition generates an energy born from the thoughtful play between melody, harmony, and rhythm, filled with phrases that evoke a sense of the familiar while simultaneously pushing boundaries and adding to the vocabulary of jazz.