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Jason Goessl

Born and raised in Maribel, WI, a small village several miles inland from the western shores of Lake Michigan. A modest Midwest community with the requisite corner store, church, bank, post office, grain mill, and four bars all contained in just over one square mile; it was where he, along with about 320 other residents called home.

Music always filled the walls of his house thanks to his mother, who kept a constant mix of polkas, Elvis Presley, and John Denver playing. At age nine Jason added to that mix by studying hair metal bands and classical guitar. When summer rolled around at age 13 he found himself at the Shell Lake Jazz Camp in northern Wisconsin. This experience compelled him to take a departure from hard rock and neo classical wannbeism. He traded in the flashy pink guitar with yellow and blue splash paint for an arch top jazz guitar.
Jason continued his study of jazz throughout his high school years, spending his summers at numerous jazz camps and his winters practicing during study hall, and attending music festivals. His behavior was feverish, spending all waking hours locked in his room practicing, the sounds of jazz greats emanating from the stereo as he slept.

Upon graduating from high school Jason leapt out of his small village and landed in Eau Claire, WI. He enrolled at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, studying music and playing in the top jazz ensemble. While there he had the opportunity to share the stage with influential jazz artists Charlie Byrd and Michael Breaker.

Jason's appetite for musical exploration was insatiable and he branched out again delving into funk, country, classic rock, and classical Eastern Indian music. He was soon playing gigs nearly every night of week and rehearsing and practicing during the day. Such a schedule didn't leave much time to focus on academics so after a two year stint at the university he left and moved to Minneapolis, MN.

Jason dove quickly into the thriving music community of the Twin Cities and soon had a professional music career playing numerous gigs with the finest area musicians and teaching guitar lessons at a local music store in his spare time. During these years he furthered his mastery of a myriad of musical styles by studying 20th century classical music and world music; including study with a sitar player where he developed a north Indian style of playing that he transferred to fretless guitar. This new expanse of study framed music in a new perspective and from this fresh vantage point sprang his project Trimtab: compositions inspired by the work of R. Buckminster Fuller.

After several years in the Twin Cities, Jason, a man more comfortable pushing forward than at rest, again was consumed with the desire to move on and discover more of the world. He packed up and headed westward, destined for Seattle, WA. While in Seattle Jason fell in love with electronic, experimental, and avant garde music. Leaving jazz behind for a bit he started an electronic group, performing at many local concert series and multi media shows.

Playing only one style of music never sated Jason's appetite. His next move found him with a telecaster draped over his shoulder, steeping himself in country swells and surf-stylings and coming full circle back to the jazz of the 1950s that fueled his earliest musical drive.

Today Jason continues to reside in Seattle; a pervasive presence in the the Ballard neighborhood. He can be heard playing guitar several nights a week deftly traversing a musical terrain that moves from country to electronic to jazz to pop and all the spaces in between.

Please visit for a schedule of shows, discography, films, videos, and to see a full menu of Parlour Trick offerings. If interested in record production, recording, or studio work in any and all styles of music please contact Jason at: [email protected]

Jason plays exclusively through Quimper Electronic System's Retrofier amp.